A moment to remember: SHS feels

As part of the first batch of Senior High School here in the Philippines, it was really expected to have a huge adjustment to each of everyone of us especially we, the students who are the instruments of this new curriculum implemented here in our country.


Being a high school student is once in a lifetime experience and I don’t have any doubt that this is very much exciting. Exciting with a cup of fear on how this would be more memorable without any embarassing moments.


I entered OLFU-AC having a lot questions in  my mind, is this would be more thrilling and exciting unlike when I was in Junior High School? A lot of “what if’s” and “but’s.” But one thing is for sure a this moment, I do have a really AMAZING Senior High School life because of HUMSS 11-3 of batch 2016-2017, they thought me the importance of everything what I have and they let me feel what was the true friendships are.

To my classmates from this section, kuddos everyone. I will surely miss you.





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