Microsoft Love

I do have a microSOFT-hearted heart

the first time I met you

Word(s) isn’t enough to explain

why do I became like this unexpectedly


You let me fall inlove with those flowery words

You kept sending me a letter having a CAMBRIA looked like font

however with an undetermined ALIGNment of each sentences

but you’ve got me with that hypothetically


You and I gave it a label

In a relationship as TITLE

Bold, italized, underlined

Just to be clear


You and I gave it another label

You’re my boyfriend

I’m your girlfriend

That’s our SUBTITLE


Relationship goes NORMAL

NO SPACING between us

We are going STRONG

Strong as an EMPHASIS


You and I are planning for our future

We VIEW it on our imaginations

We do have our peaceful HOME

And INSERT a dozen of our childs


But I never knew you’ll FIND another one

You just SELECT me just for fun

and you REPLACEd me with another woman

how come that with just one snap

everything was gone


If I just can UNDO all of this

So I can be more smarter

But i do need to REDO it again

Just in case you didn’t mean to hurt me like that


The first time I saw you with your NEW

A bow STRIKETHROUGH my heart

And this completely lead me to something

I want you to completely DELETE in my life


The time you LEFT me

I learn a lot

To be smarter

Is the RIGHT thing to do


Thanks for being part of my PAGE 2

I am ready for another BLANK PAGE

Which will be fulled

But not heartaches anymore



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